How to make fake embroidered patches

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that you don’t wear? My childhood trauma of never being able to buy shoes back home- I had huge feet that they didn’t stock sizes for (and had to shop overseas)- is making me overcompensate byΒ being a total shoe fiend now. I have an entire cupboard of… Read more »

Top Tuesday: 10 best statement jewelry

To post or not to post. That is the question. I once read that Pete Cashmore posted up to 6 times a day when he first started Mashable. So obviously I had to 1 up him and post SEVEN times when I rebooted Hapiness, Wherever. Of course, that didn’t last πŸ˜› It dwindled, but posting… Read more »

Round-up: Best jewellery dish DIYs

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Begging notice: I only have 2 followers at the moment, so any new ones would be loved to death! Recently, I re-discovered my cheese obsession. Not the best choice when trying to lose weight. However, I did read that eating cheese and butter actually HELPS weight loss because they’re so… Read more »

Top Tuesday: Best Spray Paint DIYs

I think spray paint is an amazing addition to the cupboard of any DIY-er/ crafter. It really gives a piece more oomph and makes it look more upmarket. And it’s so versatile! Unfortunately, it doesn’t make sense to get it if you only have 1 project to make so I thought a list of 3… Read more »

  • Day 10 of 365 DDD: Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather & Silver Bracelet inspired no pliers tutorial

    This is actually a guy’s bracelet! I found it on Mr Porter πŸ™‚ But hey I think it looks good on girls too- my take on is to have a couple on each wrist- great for a night out πŸ™‚ Here’s the link to the original:Β And omg just realised it’s Β£260… this DIY probably… Read more »

  • Day 9 of 365 DDD: Hermes bracelet with silver knot closure

    If you ask me, this DIY is practically a dead ringer for the original, thanks to the clasp πŸ™‚ You can do your own compare and contrast:Β You only need 3 things here: – clasp (look under the Kumihimo section of the bead store) – leather cord (don’t forget to make sure it can fit… Read more »

  • Day 8 of 365 DDD: Mawi inspired bling ring

    Ooops. I thought I’d set an automatic upload function to do daily posts on my behalf but guess my tech skills aren’t up to par. Good thing I decided to check my blog mid-week! Sorry for the delay in getting these posts up but on the bright side, you’ll get 3 Designer Inspired hacks today… Read more »

  • Day 7, 365 DDD: Givenchy studded leather bracelet in Hermes orange DIY tutorial

    So I was totally lusting over Hermes stuff today and decided to reflect this in “365 Days of Designer Inspired DIY tutorials” by changing the colour of the Givenchy bracelet to Hermes orange. You can see the original bracelet here: This DIY tutorial is really very, very simple. As long as you have the… Read more »

  • Oscar de la Renta inspired rose statement bracelet

    On our 6th day of “365 Days of Designer Inspired DIY tutorials”, I thought I should reference the fact that Oscar de la Renta passed away this week πŸ™ I still remember his amazing dresses on Sex and the City (but unfortunately have yet to own a piece by him!) Hope you’ll like this floral… Read more »

  • Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Nero Oxidised Silver Nappa Bracelet inspired DIY tutorial

    Day 5 brings us a piece by Bottega Veneta and according to their website, Hapinesswherever just saved you Β£415! πŸ˜› You can view the real thing here: Or on my Pinterest board (follow me!!!!):Β What you need: – leather cord (if you want it EXACTLY like the B.V. original, use a plaited leather cord…. Read more »

  • 365 DDD Day 4: Isabel Marant spinal bracelet inspired DIY tutorial. Save $100! :)

    I promise this is not going to turn into 365 days of Isabel Marant inspired jewellery πŸ˜› Much as I do like her boho-chic pieces πŸ˜› But, for today, it’s another Isabel Marant DIY πŸ™‚ I think the DIY is a dead ringer for the original but you can decide for yourself after viewing the… Read more »

  • Links Sweetie bracelet inspired DIY

    I really admire bloggers who manage to post every day- let alone those that post many times a day! It’s only Day 3 of 365DDD and already I’ve been tempted to be lazy πŸ˜› But I will persist πŸ™‚ So, in a compromise between my laziness and commitment to this 365DDD blog series, I chose… Read more »

  • Isabel Marant tassel necklace inspired tutorial

    Isabel Marant’s boho chic style is totally down my alley- and quite easy to make actually- so you’ll be seeing quite a few Isabel Marant features in this 365 Days of Designer Inspired DIY tutorials series πŸ™‚ Although after doing this tutorial, I may have to take back what I said about “easy” πŸ˜› It… Read more »

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