No tools boho hoop earrings

This DIY is so easy yet makes such a statement that I think it’s my favourite one so far 🙂 You need zero tools and zero DIY skills to make it! And you only need 2 ingredients: a packet of eyepins a pair of hoop earrings   Step 1: Open the hoop earrings. Divide the… Read more »

Best Free People DIYs

Something new for the blog today with this Free People inspired turban (!) by Gina Michele. How cool is that? And very fitting now that festival season is upon us 🙂       I try to source from a wide range of blogs but Gina Michele’s Free People DIYs are so amazing, I just… Read more »

Top Tuesday: 6 Best Jewelry DIY

Style Hurricane’s plumbing bracelets I’m really digging these plumbing leather bracelets by Style Hurricane. Using hardware in jewellery making is not a new idea, but these bracelets really do look professionally done! Probably not a surprise since Anni designs jewellery for a living 🙂 Which is why this is the only DIY in the round-up… Read more »

  • Crafting a beautiful bookmark on a lazy Sunday afternoon

    What’s the last book you read? I read WAYY too much- but mostly fiction, unfortunately. For example, I just finished 3 of Rae Carson’s books (A girl of Fire & Thorns trilogy- young adult fantasy) in the last 1.5 days. My English teacher once said if I read as many “good” books as I do… Read more »

  • Where to go for craft & sewing supplies in Angel Islington

    Having run a UK designer-maker pop-up shop for 30 consecutive days on Upper Street, I will always have a soft spot for Angel. If I could afford it, I would love to live there- it is full of the cutest independent boutiques and has great shops to stash up on craft supplies and sewing materials!… Read more »

  • How to make a leather statement cuff a la Balmain

    Balmain is 1 of my favourite brands. Sadly, I don’t own anything from the brand (yet) except this Balmain inspired statement cuff, which I did a DIY tutorial for 2 years back. (Not quite the same thing) I do like that cuff, and get a lot of compliments on it, but one thing that bugs me is… Read more »

  • Meet Sheri, whose wardrobe is 99% upcycled

    When I met with Swarovski to discuss a blogger collaboration, 1 of their themes was “sustainable”. Now when a big brand like Swarovski is talking about sustainability, you know that it’s a buzz word! Luckily for me, I’ve always been a big fan of upcycling – I have a whole section of DIYs that reuse… Read more »

  • How to make a statement ring with only wire

    I’m going to share a secret. When I was selling my jewelry in Angel Islington through my pop-up Makers & Friends, rings were my bestseller, in particular this design that I’m going to share with you today. It was so popular, I sold over 20 pieces (basically I sold out!) and 1 girl even came back… Read more »

  • Mother’s Day/ Easter Card DIY

    What with both Mother’s Day and Easter on the horizon, there’s certainly no lack of occasion to make and give cards! And you know what they say about handmade gifts (NOT that your cheap but that you took the time to make something personal!!) So today’s DIY is a very simple and chic gift card…. Read more »

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