No tools boho hoop earrings

This DIY is so easy yet makes such a statement that I think it’s my favourite one so far 🙂 You need zero tools and zero DIY skills to make it! And you only need 2 ingredients: a packet of eyepins a pair of hoop earrings   Step 1: Open the hoop earrings. Divide the… Read more »

Lulu Frost inspired bling bracelet: 10 min DIY

I have a train in 30 minutes but this DIY is so easy that I managed to knock it up before heading off (to Winchester!) So why not give it a go and make your own Lu Lu Frost Ladyship bracelet? Here’s the original for reference (I actually got confused and thought this was the… Read more »

Top Tuesday: 10 best statement jewelry

To post or not to post. That is the question. I once read that Pete Cashmore posted up to 6 times a day when he first started Mashable. So obviously I had to 1 up him and post SEVEN times when I rebooted Hapiness, Wherever. Of course, that didn’t last 😛 It dwindled, but posting… Read more »

  • Anthropologie crystal teardrop hoops DIY

    This is my month of Anthropologie DIYs so I hope you like the brand! It’s one of my favourites actually- I love its breezy bohemian feel, but sometimes the stuff is a littttttlle overpriced 🙂 Luckily, the jewellery is pretty easy to recreate 🙂 If you like Anthropologie but are not a jewelry fan, try… Read more »

  • A crafter in the Lake District

    Base: Grange Over Sands Why? It hosts the largest Art & Craft fair in Cumbria: Prom Art, with up to 80 stalls, held on the last Sunday of the month. (April to September)   Not to mention, it’s a cheap base to explore the Lake District so you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone! (A B… Read more »

  • Glastonbury style arm cuff DIY

    How do you define style? I’ve always thought that true style is timeless, so when I started this blog, I didn’t pay too much attention to trends and what’s fashionable. (Even today, i often post DIYs for designer pieces from a few years ago.) However, I have noticed that “current” posts, such as this yarn wall art &… Read more »

  • 1 step gold statement necklace DIY

    What’s your jewelry style? (Now I sound like 1 of the Instyle or Glamour quizzes you see on Facebook…) I love ALL jewelry- you should see my collection!- but I realise I tend to wear more statement pieces, such as these Oscar de La Renta beaded tassel earrings (which only need 5 minutes to make!) or… Read more »

  • Anthropologie inspired hoop earrings DIY

    What’s your favourite craft project? I love making everything (well almost) but my favourite projects are those that upcycle ordinary objects, or turn simple beads into gorgeous jewelry pieces. This Anthropologie crystal hoop earrings is one of them! If you love Anthropologie, as I do, here are more Anthropologie hacks for you. And if you… Read more »

  • Lanvin Courtney earrings DIY from old shopping bag

    I’ve often been told that I shouldn’t buy any accessories since I can DIY them myself. I must confess that I sometimes do, especially if it’s handmade as I like supporting other designer makers (I sometimes wonder if handmade artisans’ customers are each other!) However, when I see designer pieces going at astronomical prices, I definitely… Read more »

  • Colourful boho tassel necklace no tools DIY

    What with all the T shirt yarn projects I’ve been DIY-ing (a bohemian gypsy necklace, a cushion meets dog toy meets bracelet meets necklace & a colourful necklace ), I have a ton of T shirt yarn scraps and was thinking of a good way to use them all up. And now that the sun is (sort… Read more »

  • Anthropologie Pearlene necklace DIY

    Do you ever get creative block? Every time I draw a blank as to what to make, I visit Anthropologie, every DIY-er’s favourite brand 🙂 This Pearlene necklace has long caught my eye so I thought I’d use the last of my gold wire to re-create it 🙂 What you need Small pearls – I… Read more »

  • Boho shell lariat/ belt DIY

    Do you collect shells when you go to the beach? I used to as a kid, and have a ton of them lying around. I still enjoy it now, but what with all the issues about sustainability and not negatively impacting the marine landscape, I’m a lot more careful about it now. Still, I must say… Read more »

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