No tools boho hoop earrings

This DIY is so easy yet makes such a statement that I think it’s my favourite one so far 🙂 You need zero tools and zero DIY skills to make it! And you only need 2 ingredients: a packet of eyepins a pair of hoop earrings   Step 1: Open the hoop earrings. Divide the… Read more »

Lulu Frost inspired bling bracelet: 10 min DIY

I have a train in 30 minutes but this DIY is so easy that I managed to knock it up before heading off (to Winchester!) So why not give it a go and make your own Lu Lu Frost Ladyship bracelet? Here’s the original for reference (I actually got confused and thought this was the… Read more »

Top Tuesday: 10 best statement jewelry

To post or not to post. That is the question. I once read that Pete Cashmore posted up to 6 times a day when he first started Mashable. So obviously I had to 1 up him and post SEVEN times when I rebooted Hapiness, Wherever. Of course, that didn’t last 😛 It dwindled, but posting… Read more »

  • Anthropologie Pearlene necklace DIY

    Do you ever get creative block? Every time I draw a blank as to what to make, I visit Anthropologie, every DIY-er’s favourite brand 🙂 This Pearlene necklace has long caught my eye so I thought I’d use the last of my gold wire to re-create it 🙂 What you need Small pearls – I… Read more »

  • Boho shell lariat/ belt DIY

    Do you collect shells when you go to the beach? I used to as a kid, and have a ton of them lying around. I still enjoy it now, but what with all the issues about sustainability and not negatively impacting the marine landscape, I’m a lot more careful about it now. Still, I must say… Read more »

  • ICHF Sewing for Pleasure and Hobbycrafts Fairs Review

    Although I’ve been invited to many blogger events since I started Hapiness Wherever, I still get a thrill whenever a new invite comes through the door (or email inbox rather). I’d long enjoyed attending the ICHF craft fairs- they are amazing places to check out new products as well as stock up on craft supplies… Read more »

  • How to make a wedding band with only wire

    Now before you throw a fit, I’m not saying you should use this ring as your wedding band- I’m just using “wedding band” to describe this simple band ring style 🙂 And NO TOOLS are needed!! I like creating DIYs such as these because they’re so simple! Everybody can find (and work with) wire! You… Read more »

  • DIY Bracelet that can be worn 3 ways

    I am pissed. I have typed the introduction to this post THREE times and every time my Safari freezes before I can update the post! So we’re going to skip the intro and get right to the meat of things. (Are you going whew?!)   What you need Zipper – they come in many lengths… Read more »

  • Chopsticks into earring stand upcycle

    What’s the weirdest thing you’ve crafted with? I think mine would be old chopsticks- unused of course!!! So far, I’ve made a trivet and a toilet roll holder with chopsticks.  Due to my renewed commitment to blogging (6 times a week, Mon- Sat!), I now have an excess of jewelry to hang up, so I thought,… Read more »

  • A crafter in Southsea, Portsmouth

    When I told a friend I’d visited Portsmouth, she said ” Why? To visit their designer shopping outlet?” Hahahaha- the thinly veiled reference to my love of shopping is much appreciated. I actually went there for an Etsy Craft Party! (Last year, I bought tickets to 3 parties, each held in a different part of… Read more »

  • How to turn plain paper into beautiful stationery

    I have a confession. I sometimes help myself to the stationery – and toiletries!- in my hotel room 😛 (Are you guilty of that too? They make perfect gym toiletry sets!!!) Since I never throw anything away, this leaves me with a lot of paper around the house! It’s great working paper but not so good… Read more »

  • Eye wall art from leftover yarn DIY

    Have you ever made pom poms? Or knitted? If you do, you’ll probably have a TON of leftover bits and bobs of yarn- too small to use again, but when you add it up, it makes quite a big pile. I’m working on a pom pom bag- which I CANT WAIT to share with all… Read more »

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