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Turn your old electronics into earrings without tools

What do you do with your old electronics? I have a TON lying around but taps, old washing machines and hard drives all have parts that can be turned into jewelry! (Or the parts are also very cheap and available at most hardware stores) Here’s an example of how I used rubber washers- used to… Read more »

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How to make structural earrings without metalwork

I was surfing Pinterest when I saw these amazing silver geometric earrings by Ute Deker. Unfortunately they were sculpted from silver, which is something I don’t do much. And much as I like supporting designer makers, they were several hundred quid, which is a little beyond my budget at the moment. So I saved the… Read more »

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Fabric yarn necklace DIY

How crazy do you go when you buy your craft supplies? I’ve recently become obsessed with fabric yarn DIYs- you’ll never guess how many rolls of T shirt yarn I have in my living room now (Go ahead and give me a number 🙂 ) Why is this of interest to you? Well, we’ll be… Read more »

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1 step gold statement necklace DIY

What’s your jewelry style? (Now I sound like 1 of the Instyle or Glamour quizzes you see on Facebook…) I love ALL jewelry- you should see my collection!- but I realise I tend to wear more statement pieces, such as these Oscar de La Renta beaded tassel earrings (which only need 5 minutes to make!) or… Read more »

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Colourful boho tassel necklace no tools DIY

What with all the T shirt yarn projects I’ve been DIY-ing (a bohemian gypsy necklace, a cushion meets dog toy meets bracelet meets necklace & a colourful necklace ), I have a ton of T shirt yarn scraps and was thinking of a good way to use them all up. And now that the sun is (sort… Read more »

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Anthropologie Pearlene necklace DIY

Do you ever get creative block? Every time I draw a blank as to what to make, I visit Anthropologie, every DIY-er’s favourite brand 🙂 This Pearlene necklace has long caught my eye so I thought I’d use the last of my gold wire to re-create it 🙂 What you need Small pearls – I… Read more »

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Boho shell lariat/ belt DIY

Do you collect shells when you go to the beach? I used to as a kid, and have a ton of them lying around. I still enjoy it now, but what with all the issues about sustainability and not negatively impacting the marine landscape, I’m a lot more careful about it now. Still, I must say… Read more »

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How to make a wedding band with only wire

Now before you throw a fit, I’m not saying you should use this ring as your wedding band- I’m just using “wedding band” to describe this simple band ring style 🙂 And NO TOOLS are needed!! I like creating DIYs such as these because they’re so simple! Everybody can find (and work with) wire! You… Read more »

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DIY Bracelet that can be worn 3 ways

I am pissed. I have typed the introduction to this post THREE times and every time my Safari freezes before I can update the post! So we’re going to skip the intro and get right to the meat of things. (Are you going whew?!)   What you need Zipper – they come in many lengths… Read more »