Ticketing platforms: Eventbrite vs Billetto

So far, I’ve used Eventbrite only but there is also Billetto. My tickets have always sold through Facebook and other avenues, but so far never to someone who discovered it via Eventbrite so I will be giving the other platforms a go next time to compare 🙂


Advertising avenues

  1. Multipliers
    1. PA (my workshop got picked up by The List from submitting to them) and Evvnt (just tried it so no results yet- will update at the end)
  2. Local sites e.g. Time Out
  3. Facebook groups
    • So far, this has worked best for me. Bear in mind you will get loads of ignores and rejections, but there will be a few really supportive people who will totally make your month 🙂 Whether or not you sell a ticket through their support, it’s just heartwarming when strangers reach out to help by clicking interested or sharing your event 🙂 And it’s free!
  4. Meetup
    • Monthly cost of either £9.90 or £14.90 – I’ve not tried yet
  5. Craft Courses
    • Recommended to me by a fellow craft workshop organiser, it’s free to join & you get 1 free workshop listing so it’s a good way of testing whether it’s the right avenue for you
  6. Facebook
    • I’ve run 2 Facebook ads for 2 different workshops, spending £5 on the first one and £10 on the second. Both times, I saw zip results in terms of ticket sales, and at the most 2-3 extra likes on my Facebook page.
  7. Instagram
    • I’ve not tried this myself but a fellow craft blogger shared that it’s even less effective than Facebook ads… LOL