It’s been a while since I did my last beauty post. Did you think I’d given up writing them? 🙂 I haven’t but to provide some structure for my blog, they’ll only be published on Saturdays. So if you’re just interested in craft & making, you can tune  me out over the weekends 🙂 (I don’t post on Sundays- rest day!)

Like the ring? The tutorial is here – takes 1 minute!

Today I’m reviewing the All Mask Story sheet mask I bought in Myeong-dong Seoul last year. All beauty-holics should definitely stop by Korea at least once because it’s like Disney land for make-up and skincare! And in Seoul, I do think Myeong-dong is one of the best places to shop for skincare, although it’s been getting overrun by tourists recently. (Another good spot would be outside Ehwa). Sigh, all this talk of Korea is making my feet itchy- it’s been a year since my last holiday! (trip not related to work) But since I’ve been to Korea 7 times now, I think I should start exploring some other places- maybe Japan, which I still have not been to!!

Anyway, back to business: the All Story Mask. I was looking for the Leaders Insolution face mask sheet, which a Korean friend had recommended but the SA in the shop recommended the All Story Mask as their bestseller with Chinese tourists so I thought I’d give it a try. One thing I find really interesting is that Singapore, Chinese and Korean people usually have different favourite Korean products. I’d always thought the Koreans would be in the know, but then they do have different skin types from Singaporeans, so I thought I’d try the Korean fave vs the non-Korean fave and see which is better 🙂 (E.g. the Laneige sleeping pack is popular among Singaporeans but not so much Koreans, according to my K-friends and the SAs I met in Seoul)

First impressions

To be honest, my first reaction was disappointment when I tried the All Story Mask. Why? It’s an apple (paper mask sheet) and not an orange (The Leaders Insolution mask I wanted was a gel mask). Oh, and they are the same price (about 1500 won (SGD$2, £1.30, USD$1.50 approx) per sheet if you buy a box of 10)  I mean, paper mask sheets are so passé now!!! Gel masks used to be very pricey, but now you can get good cheap ones, and when you use a gel mask, you can actually feel how the gel thins after use, making you feel like your skin has absorbed all that juicy goodness! So by not upgrading to a gel mask, I felt like All Story Mask is signalling to me that it’s not as advanced a skincare brand!


The mask covered my forehead to my chin exactly. However, I have a very short forehead so other people may find this mask too short. In addition, it couldn’t quite cover my face to my ears (I have a wide face with a square jaw 🙁 )

My skin definitely felt softer and less dry. I think it looked a bit more radiant and the scars were slightly less obvious but no difference to the pores. Of course, this was only the first time, so I can’t expect too much, so I tried it every day…

… and after 3 days got a zit at a time I never get zits, and in a spot where I never get spots. Hmmm… no more daily use for me then!! (But I will use it every now and then)

Would I repurchase?

Probably not- it didn’t change my life. Can a beauty product really change your life or are the companies just selling hope in a bottle, you wonder. Yes it can! The Baviphat Apple AC Sleeping Mask definitely changed mine (for the better!) It’s what got me hooked on Korean skincare and led me to start selling Korean beauty products online! (Which I no longer do…)

Plus I can get a gel mask at the same price, and there are so many other Korean mask sheets to try!

On to try the next one!