A simple home is restful. More appealing than elaborate, expensive homes. Think of photos of clutter-free, simple houses. The most loved homes are those with few items and a few beautiful pieces.

prefab container homes

You don’t need to add expensive decorations or furniture to decorate prefab container homes. You can easily transform a messy room by adding a vase or plant holder with sustainable, green flowers. Recycled containers are another great option for home decorating. You can use them to decorate your home with milk glass, ceramic bowls and fruit and vegetables, empty jugs and even soda and beer bottles. These types of containers all carry a bit of character and can be used as display items, with a little touch up using a few bright accent colors and some new embellishments.

Simple home decorating ideas in the kitchen are even easier. You can group your kitchen appliances and cookware together, and choose a mug or plate that represents a different dish or appliance. If you have a dish rack, choose matching plates for your utensils. If you have a wooden coffee table with a draw-out shelf, choose coordinating tablecloths and platters for your tea, coffee, or microwave items. While some people prefer to keep their knickknacks out of sight, others like to keep them hidden. However, for those who love the practicality and aesthetic appeal that knickknacks offer, it is easy to display them where they are most visible.

Flat surfaces are great for organizing and displaying everything. A flat surface such a floor or table makes it much easier to keep track, and not have to think about where to place each item. This may mean that a square coffee table is better than one with an uneven, high surface in a small apartment. It is better to choose subtle colors and understated accessories, rather than bold, contrasting ones.

Flat surfaces aren’t the only option to reduce clutter. You can also use simple decorations that complement the decor in your room. A small vase with seasonal flowers is a simple decoration that adds color and interest to the room. It can also be used as storage. Small candles in small vases also create a simple decoration, while being functional. It is important to strike a balance between form & function while maintaining a calm environment in your prefab home.