With Despicable Me out in theaters right now it is about all my kids can talk about. If you have little ones as excited as mine about Despicable Me or want to get them excited about going to see the movie here are five fun Despicable Me crafts that will thrill your kids.

Glued to My Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Minions and Footprint Minions

Stacey shares two great Despicable Me craft ideas on her blog, Glued to My Crafts. The first Despicable Me craft she shares is her Toilet Paper Roll Minions, which are both perfect crafts for even a young toddler. These are made using leftover toilet paper rolls, construction paper, yellow paint, and wiggle eyes.

The next craft that Stacey shares a tutorial for is Footprint Minions. These are absolutely adorable, and it took some thought to come up with this idea. The Footprint Minions are made by covering the bottom of the child’s foot with yellow and blue paint then placing it on white paper. The minions are finished off using a black marker and wiggle eyes.

You can find out how to make Toilet Paper Roll Minions and Footprint Minions by visiting Stacey’s blog.

30 Minute Crafts: Minion Goggles

Your little minion will love watching the Despicable Me 2 in these Minion Goggles from 30 Minute Crafts. These Minion Goggles are made by printing the design out and then taping it to the 3D movie glasses at the theater. This craft is doable even if you aren’t going to see the movie in 3D or if you just want some Minion Goggles to wear around the house, to make them without the 3D glasses you can simply attach the template to a pair of black sunglasses. You can find the printable and instructions for the Minion Goggles by visiting 30 Minute Crafts.

Kids Chaos: Despicable Me Minion Keyring or Badge

Ali, who blogs at Kids Chaos, shares how to make Despicable Me themed keyrings and badges in a video tutorial using my worst enemy – Perler Beads. Perler Beads really aren’t all that horrible, but we did have the one experience where my son decided to stick a Perler Bead in his ear and ended up having to have it surgically removed. So yeah, if you decide to make this craft make sure you watch over your kids and maybe consider sticking some ear plugs into their ears. These Minion shaped keyrings and badges are so cute though that I think they are worth it though. You can find the video tutorial for these by visiting the blog, Kids Chaos.