I really admire bloggers who manage to post every day- let alone those that post many times a day! It’s only Day 3 of 365DDD and already I’ve been tempted to be lazy 😛 But I will persist 🙂 So, in a compromise between my laziness and commitment to this 365DDD blog series, I chose 1 of the easier designs to feature today 🙂

In fact, the Links bracelet is SOOOO easy to make that you DIYers out there are probably laughing at my tutorial 🙂 But just in case this is 1 of your 1st attempts at DIYing jewellery, here you go 🙂

What you need:

– 100 to 150 silver disks, depending on the size of your wrist. If you can’t get silver disks, silver jump rings would work as well but make sure they are as thick as possible and tightly closed.

– 1 thick silver disk or 1 silver round bead

– elastic thread

– scissors

and OPTIONAL: 1 headpin & 1 small silver bead (this is meant for replace the Links brand tag which is attached to the bracelet so you can choose any silver bead you like. I chose an oval shaped bead to keep it as close to the original as possible. You can also do without this accent if you prefer )

These supplies should be pretty easy to get from your local craft shop But if you need help, I know how important the right supplies are and can help you get the set (including 50cm of elastic thread + optional accent, minus the scissors) for you for £5. Postage will be added once I know where you want it sent to ) Just leave a comment here or email me at whereverhapiness@gmail.com

Step 1:

Thread all the silver disks onto the elastic followed by the round bead/ thick disk. Double knot the elastic to finish off the bracelet- make sure the knot is flush against the beads so no elastic shows through. Cut off the excess elastic.

If you don’t want the extra accent, you’re done right here Seriously a 2 minute project

Step 2:

To add the accent, thread the bead onto the headpin and form a loop at the top of the bead using the pliers. Cut off the excess wire, link it through the disk closest to the thick bead/ round bead then close tightly.

All good to go- you just saved yourself £150! I really should picture it with a Links box instead of a Chanel box, but the silver does look pretty against the black (plus I’m still obsessing over my 1st Chanel purchase :P) And I don’t have anything from Links

And this is what the original looks like You can also check it out here- http://www.pinterest.com/pin/411164640954082596/ (If you’re on Pinterest, why not follow me there? :P) My friend saw what I made, and it struck her as so similar to the Links bracelet (without me saying anything) that she decided to take a picture in the shop window to send to me So far, I still feel bad to take photos of jewellery in shops windows if I’m not buying anything, so thank goodness I and her :P)