Mardi Gras is February 5th and you can bet on a lot of crazy celebrations with a lot of insane Mardi Gras costumes. You can also bet that a lot of these costumes will be creative, but also leave you blushing in the pursuit of those treasured beads. However, this is just small part of Mardi Gras. A lot of people are just looking for a reason to have a party and get together with family and friends. And where you have families, you usually have kids. So, how do you include the kids in the costume portion of your party? Here are a couple Mardi Gras costume ideas that your kids will enjoy making and wearing.

The King (or Queen) Cake

Yes, the King Cake is a desert not a costume. But this easy to make Mardi Gras costume will make your child feel like they are part of the Mardi Gras celebration and you can’t beat how easy it is to make.


Brown paper bag


Marker or Paint (purple, green, gold)

Burger King Crown

Construction paper


  1. Take a brown paper bag and cut a hole in the top for your child’s head and two holes on each side for their arms.
  2. Depending how messy you want this project to get, choose either paint or markers and mark off the bag into 3 even sections. Paint or color each section a different color (one purple, one green, one gold – these are the traditional colors in a king cake).
  3. Next, get your Burger King Crown (I know they still have these). Use the construction paper to cut out jewel-like shapes or use it to write your little one’s name to personalize their crown. Glue these cut-outs onto the crown.

This costume is easy as 1-2-3 and so cute! Now, you have your own little King or Queen Cake.

The Mask

Masks are another tradition of Mardi Gras and a staple to go with any Mardi Gras costume. Here is an idea to get your child into the mood for a tame, family-friendly Mardi Gras celebration. You can download several different mask templates at


Mask template

Feathers and glitter


Glue sticks or bottled glue

Hole Punch

Piece of string

  1. Cut out your mask template and use the hole punch to put holes on either side of the mask.
  2. Let your child use the markers to draw any design they want on their mask.
  3. Get out the glue stick and smear glue wherever you want glitter to be. Shake the glitter off into the trash can when you are done.
  4. Next, glue feathers onto your mask. For this task, it may be easier to use the glue bottle. The feathers will stick easier. You may even want to use a hot glue gun (this is for the adult to use) so that the feathers will adhere quickly and your child can use the mask sooner.
  5. When the feathers dry, attach the string to one side of the mask. Hold the mask up to your child and measure how much of the string is needed to make the mask snug. Once you determine this, cut the string and secure it to the other side of the mask.

Now your child has his or her own Mardi Gras mask.

Mardi Gras is a celebration and family is definitely something to celebrate. Have fun with these ideas! You can even try coming up with some of your own Mardi Gras costumes.