Cans of cocktail have been a huge hit in the past few years, but it is hard to get bar-quality in a can. It’s crucial to partner with an alcohol distributor that is well-established and understands the market.

These RTDs such as SUN iCE are made with premium craft spirits. These RTDs are designed to prevent any loss of quality in the canning or bottling processes.


As opposed to traditional cocktails which require a variety ingredients and specialized equipment to make, ready-to drink cocktails can be made at the touch of a button. This convenience is attractive to many consumers.


A well-made RTD cocktail offers consumers a hassle-free, no-preparation required indulgence that is both healthy and satisfying. RTD cocktails reduce waste by eliminating the need to make a complicated cocktail. They also eliminate the need for mixers and glasses. The ability to conveniently serve premium alcoholic drinks also appeals to many consumers who seek to minimize alcohol consumption during times of illness or as part of a personal wellness strategy.

The best ready-to-drink cocktails are made with real ingredients of high quality that deliver authentic flavors, and the same level craftsmanship as you would find in a top-notch cocktail bar. Leading RTD spirit producers have also invested in improved canned processes that preserve the taste profile of the product without artificial preservatives. The result of this process is a beverage as good as or better than its original recipe. It appeals to both casual and connoisseur drinkers.

As on-premise operators recognize the value of including RTD cocktails in their menus, as well as customers who continue to seek unique, high quality options, now is a good time to introduce a bottled or canning cocktail to your line-up. RTD cocktails are elevated when paired with thoughtful garnishes. They can create a sense decadence and elevate the customer’s experience. Add a branded straw or glassware to your product and you can easily differentiate it from the competition.


Pouring an ice cold beer or topping up a wine glass is not enough for a great drink. It takes a trained eye, exact proportions and carefully selected ingredients to create drinks that taste just right.

Many people who are devoted to high-quality cocktails reject the idea of canned single-serving versions. But a few innovative brands that refuse to compromise on flavor are proving they can compete in the highly competitive and growing RTD cocktails market.

To be truly bar-quality, RTD cocktails must meet strict cocktail standards and deliver the authentic taste of classic recipes in a convenient package. This requires premium ingredients, accurate measurement, and a dedication to sourcing the best liquor. Cocktail drinkers who are accustomed to the taste of drinks will pay attention to details like the use of natural sugars, real citrus juices, and barrel-aged whisky.

Expert mixologists craft the best RTD drinks using high-quality, carefully selected ingredients. They are chosen for their taste profiles, alcohol concentrations, or other factors. They are sold in the same strength as you or your friends might be served on a night out. They are also free from artificial colorings and acid citric, which are required by traditional canning methods to ensure a long shelf-life.

These high-quality drinks will help you to indulge in a little more than usual, but without the mess or hassle of making your own. These drinks are great to have on hand for parties or dinners with friends.

Canned cocktails are one of the fastest growing segments in the beverage market, with a projected 13.4% growth rate over the next 7 years. This expansion is driven primarily by convenience and the desire of consumers to enjoy authentic flavors on-the-go.

There’s no secret about the popularity of tequila, vodka, and other spirits-based drinks. But there’s also a growing demand for non-alcoholic alternatives. Craft-focused companies are putting their own spin on popular cocktail formulas, allowing more people to enjoy the pleasures of a good cocktail without having to purchase or assemble their tools of the trade.


While convenience is a major selling feature of RTD cocktails, consumers also want a drink that is well-mixed and tastes as fresh as they can. Craft cocktail brands, unlike canned drinks produced by large corporations and containing ingredients that are designed for an unnaturally-long shelf life, take the time to batch and mix cocktails with an eye towards the integrity of the recipe as well as the taste expectations of customers.

These companies use natural ingredients to create their products and will avoid food coloring. They prefer to use vibrant colors that come from the fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices they use. They will also consult expert mixologists to make sure that their beverages are made according to authentic recipes, and contain the correct balance of sweetness and acidity.

The result is a drink that tastes and looks like a high quality bar or restaurant beverage. In addition, they offer a variety of flavors, including non-alcoholic options that utilize functional ingredients and low alcohol by volume to appeal to consumers who are concerned about the amount of calories, sugar, and fat in their beverages.

When it comes down to ready-to drink spirits, the most popular options are daiquiris which actually taste like them, vodka gimlets with real lime juice and old fashioneds brewed with bitters. These beverages are easy for you to transport, store and serve. They don’t require the extra equipment and storage space that traditional mixed drinks require.

RTD alcoholic beverages are ideal for parties, barbecues, and other events. They can be served directly from the can, or over ice. They are a great alternative to beer and hard seltzer if you prefer a more sophisticated cocktail. Additionally, they can be a great way to introduce a new drink or recipe to friends who might not be familiar with the genre.

The truth is, RTD cocktails are here to stay. As more consumers appreciate the convenience and quality, these drinks are likely to continue growing in popularity.


RTD cocktails are an excellent addition to the alcohol industry. They are a convenient way to enjoy your favorite cocktail without the hassle of mixing the ingredients yourself. They are available both in cans and in bottles. Moreover, they can be stored easily in a cooler or refrigerator. This makes them perfect for outdoor activities or picnics. Many brands also offer interesting and new flavors that are very popular with consumers. The RTD market is growing faster now than ever before.

The demand for these drinks is likely to increase as consumers continue to seek variety. It’s important to select a distributor who can help you make the best decisions for your product. A good distributor knows the best retail locations for the beverage you’re selling, and can help you navigate the state laws governing the sale of RTD cocktails based on spirits.

The global market for ready to drink cocktail is segmented according to type, packaging, distribution channel. On the basis of type, the market can be divided into malt-based cocktails, spirits-based cocktails, and wines-based cocktails. The malt-based segment holds the largest share of the market due to its low cost, which is a key reason why it is becoming more popular.

The packaging of ready-to-drink cocktails is another major factor influencing the market’s growth. Bottles have a larger market share than cans because they are more appealing to the customer. Glass is also considered to be a more sustainable material than aluminum and better for the planet. Glass bottles are expensive and can limit their usage, especially in developing nations. This can slow down the growth of this market.