Air filtration works by collecting particles through one of three processes: diffusion, inertial imaction, or interception. Because the particle’s size squares, interception is more effective for larger particles.

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Inertial impaction

Inertial impaction in air filtration is a promising technique to reduce particle size and improve the efficiency of air filtration systems. This type of filtration process combines the properties of inertial filtration with thermostability and low airflow resistance to make it an ideal choice for air filtration systems. Its advantages include high airflow efficiency and low cost.

Electrostatic attraction

The process of using a charged surface for air filtration to attract particles is called electrostatic attraction. This attraction is based on the principle that particles with a negative charge are attracted to surfaces with a positive charge. The particles are then captured and safely disposed of.

Gravitational settling

Gravitational settling, one of the oldest methods to remove particles from air filtration, is one of the most common. This involves passing a gas stream into a chamber that has baffles to change its direction. This method is most efficient when the gas flow velocity of the particulate is kept below its reentrainment velocity. Other dry-type primary collectors are settling chambers and low-pressure drop-cyclones. High-efficiency centrifuges are also available. Vertical flow systems are also used by environmental engineers to remove particulate matter.


A fabric filter is a type of air filtration system that utilizes a physical barrier to trap particulates in a gas stream. The fabric can trap a wide range of pollutants, and is made of a variety different materials. The process of collecting particulate matter in a fabric filter is called adsorption. The filtered particles accumulate on the surface of the filter, which becomes a coating. This coating is removed during cleaning. The 16x25x1 air filter merv 13 is the best example for home of this type of filters.


Non-wovens are versatile materials that can be used for air filtration. These fabrics can filter water, blood, oil, and many other substances. They can also serve other purposes, such as laminating.


HEPA air filter, also known as high efficiency particulate arrestance or absorbing filters, is a filter with a high efficiency. These filters are the standard for air filter rating. HEPA filters capture more than 99% of particles that are emitted from the air. And when you are in a comfy and cozy environment, you’d be able to play your favorite sports betting games via UFABET more effectively.