A garden is an organized area, normally within a structure, designed for the screen, growth, or enjoyment of various forms of flora and other types of nature, as a perfect setting for social or solitary life. The single most distinguishing feature defining even the wildest garden is control over the development of whatever is set in the garden. Whether the gardens are used for growing food, building shelter, or offering a pleasant recreational area, all of them require and encourage certain fundamental structures and attitudes.

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It’s the Gardener’s duty to supply the plants with sufficient and appropriate food and water, shelter and protection from extreme weather conditions, and access to favorable soil for growth. This will often dictate the scale and types of plants that can be found and the number and quality of the plants which can be seen in a given garden. It would be impossible to develop a city beneath a roof and don’t have any vegetation, but plant life can create a city beautiful and the gardener who sees that there’s enough vegetation to continue the function of a town is happier than one who sees no crops. And this basic premise is true for wild and native plant gardens in addition to those planted with the intent of using them as a source of food, medication, or other materials.

A large portion of the planning process of any garden design is deciding the scale of the garden, and how that scale will relate to the size of the plot of land where the garden will be established. It must be determined whether the backyard will include a small portion of actual property, and if so, how much of that piece of land will be dedicated for the cultivation of these plants intended, and how much to outdoor furniture.

There are two basic types of gardening, the principal type being ornamental planting. Ornamental plants are usually utilized to decorate a garden path and provide a focal point for the garden. They are generally grown in pots and are transferred from one location to another when the weather changes. Plants such as roses and begonias are generally used for ornamental planting.

Landscape gardening is growing plants in a specific arrangement that shows off the natural beauty of the region by defining a boundary. Landscape gardening is used to separate one area of a garden from another, usually created by using plants which are otherwise placed or growing in different areas. It permits you to create an attractive look that’s distinct from other plants in your garden.

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