Have you ever received presents which you don’t know what to do with? Well I have! I really don’t know why people keep giving me figurines and statues Firstly, taste is surely subjective- some are cute but most are pretty hideous sorry I mean unattractive Secondly, they’re so impractical! They serve no use- except maybe as a paperweight and surely one doesn’t need 120 of those??- and collect lots of dust!

And now before I sound like an ungrateful brat, I do think it’s sweet when people think of you and get a gift for you, and I feel bad to just ditch them. Hence this tutorial

What you need:


– old figurine.

– empty (& clean!) jar. You can use and old skincare container, jam jar etc etc.

The best would be one which has a clear body but if your jar is opaque with the brand printed directly on the container, no fear, you can still prettify it by spray painting the whole thing 

Step 1: 

Clean out your old jar and remove any labels on it. I’ve used the Skin Food Acorn Jelly Mask container- this series of Skin Food skincare jars is great for this tutorial as the label comes off really easily, without leaving any icky bits behind. If your label isn’t easy-peel, just soak it in very hot water. After a couple of rounds, the label will start coming out and you can rub off any persistent bits.

Step 2:

Apply E6000 generously to the parts of the figurine which will be in contact with the jar (the duck’s chest and feet here)- E6000 dries clear so you don’t have to worry about unsightly glue bits. Place the duck in its desired position (at the edge here) and press down for 1 minute. Leave to dry.