What you need:

1. Pliers (ignore the cutter pliers- it’s not necessary unless you want to adjust the length of the chain)

2. 2 equal length thin gold-coloured chains- length as per your preference. I wanted mine to be shoulder dusters but some people like a more moderate length for work

Tip: As we’re going for the delicate look here, try to choose as thin a chain, and as small a jump ring as possible- the smaller the jump ring, the more difficult to work though!!! It will also need to be a pretty thin jump ring to be able to be threaded through a thin chain!

3. 2 gold-coloured jump rings

4 . 2 gold-coloured leaf charms

5. 2 gold-coloured earring hooks

Step 1: Open the hoop at the bottom of the earring hook, insert the gold chain through and then use your pliers to close the hoop again. As the chain’s really thin, it can slip out of the hook easily so make sure you do a good job tightening it!

Step 2: Use the pliers to open the jump ring then insert the other end of the gold ring. Close the jump ring firmly with the pliers.

Guess what? You’re done! Tada, a pair of designer-worthy earrings

Using the same steps, you can use different charms to create a whole horde of looks! I LOVE the unicorn charms and the elephants remind me of Disney’s Dumbo cartoon! When you wear them, the chain’s so delicate that it looks like the charms are floating in mid-air