Haha OK now that’s not sounding like a very impartial blog post is it?

Yes, I am extremely excited about being invited to attend my 1st blogger event ever  But at the same time, I faithfully promise that all my posts/ reviews will be impartial and honest, sponsored or not

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, I just want to highlight what a pleasure it has been to work with NuSkin: I read about their event on Twitter and contacted them. The lady in charge, Marianne, not only replied promptly but was extremely friendly! Which is in marked contrast to some other brands- understandably, due to the masses of bloggers out there, brands can pick and choose which bloggers they want to work with. However, the least they can do is reply don’t you think? I’ve responded to some brands’ bloggers’ event invites only to have my email ignored!

So Nuskin was like a breath of fresh air- their great attitude towards bloggers makes me think that it must feel even more special to be 1 of their customers Anyone have any experiences they want to share? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear

Anyway, back to business- Nu Skin! So, Nu Skin has been around for 30 years and here’s its by-line (the bio that appears below its website when you Google for it):

“A premier anti-aging company committed to providing quality skin care and nutrition products. Its unique ageLOC science addresses aging at its source.”

Oooh, a brand that specialises in anti-aging? That does sound good! Now that I’ve hit the big 3-0, anti-aging is a big thing of mine Paranoid or not, I’m pretty sure I see more & more (fine) lines around my eyes! (Sunblock girls, sunblock!!) Doing some research into Nu Skin’s anti-aging products, I found their ageLOC Future Serum. A quick search on my trusty friend, Amazon.com, and I find that the product is very well-reviewed with 4 of 5 stars, and only 5 left in stock! (Always good news when a product sells quickly, don’t you think?) Some of the review headlines are “will repurchase” and “good cost performance and excellent service”- fingers crossed I get to try this Will definitely do a product review for you guys if I do For more information on this product, here’s the link to the official site: http://www.ageloc.com/ageloc/en/the_products/ageloc_future_serum.html