Like most girls, I’m never satisfied with the way I look. if it’s not my weight, it’s my skin and, today, it’s my eyelashes! (Unfortunately, I was sort of behind the door when God gave out looks and my eyes need a LOT of help.)

One thing that I think would make them more defined is longer lashes. (Or should that be some things since lashes is plural? Go figure.) Anyway, instead of whining, I decided to take action! Unfortunately good things don’t come cheap and this required quite a hefty investment.


The 1st product I tried was Revitalash. At that time, I wasn’t in the UK so I had to get it from a  Doctor for about £100! (*faint*) In London, you can get it from Liberty for 60 quid I think. (Still not cheap) It basically looks like an eyeliner which you apply to your upper lash line on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like I saw any results from this product despite using it for a couple of months. However, I must note that other people I knew who’d tried it spoke favourably of it- it even helped this guy I know grow some eyelashes! (according to his girlfriend :P) After that, I gave up on longer eyelashes… (For £100 and daily work, I want RESULTS!)

Would I repurchase this? No. I would use it if it was a freebie though

Etude House
Or at least till I went to Korea and saw the Etude House Lash Serum. I’d previously used Korean facial products with great results so I thought I should give this product a chance. The “before & after” photos that they displayed prominently next to the product also helped to peak my interest, as did the fact that it was on Etude House’s Bestseller list (Oh and not to mention the very affordable price! I think I paid USD16 for it in Korea.)

Unlike Revitalash, this has 2 bottles. 1 for Day & the other for Night. (Although I don’t know if the Day application- which comes in the form of a mascara brush applied underneath your actual mascara- actually makes your lashes grow or it’s just a base coat that primes your lashes for mascara.) The night bottle is pretty much similar to Revitalash- an eyeliner.

Both a friend & myself tried this and we both noticed that our lashes grew!

Well, I noticed that my lower lashes grew as I’d never had lashes at the back of my lower lash line before! I couldn’t really tell with my upper lashes but I’m pretty unobservant. (This product actually comes with a ruler for you to measure your lashes- that’s how confident they are about their product!- but I was too lazy to use it :P) I figure it’s not whether my lashes grew in reality but whether my eyes look different that would justify a purchase And sadly, my eyes looked pretty much the same, even with more lower lashes- I think they were just too fine and straight to actually define my eyes. But it definitely helped when I applied mascara

As for my friend, she noticed that all her lashes grew- the lucky thing has always had really nice eyes & looooong eyelashes – but she felt that 1 side grew more than the other. LOL!! (It looked the same to me- see what I mean about oblivious?!)

Would I repurchase this? Yes


I ran out of Etude House and haven’t been back to Korea in a while so when I noticed my dermatologist was having a Latisse promotion, I decided to pick it up. It also helped that my derma said that she let her daughter used it and that you DEFINITELY get results with Latisse (From what I understand, this isn’t readily available in UK at the moment). Even on promotion, it’s heinously expensive- in the same price range as Revitalash!

As with the other products, this is an “eyeliner” applied nightly to your upper lash line. However, the difference is that you get brushes for every day of application- 1 bottle is meant to last for 60 days- which makes it more hygienic. Definitely a plus point as eye infections are a pain!

You are only meant to put 1 drop on 1 brush & to use a different brush for each eye. But my derma recommended using 2 drops on 1 brush and using the same brush for each eye as each bottle lasts for longer than 2 months so that’s what I did. (I still ran out of brushes before I ran out of solution)

Did I notice a difference in my lashes? Again, my lower lashes did grow slightly & I couldn’t tell for my upper lashes. BUT what I did notice was that I suddenly gained double eyelids (at least on most days). I had always had single eyelids before so my theory is that Latisse made my lashes grow which led to the double eyelids. Hey, whatever happened I’m not complaining!

Unfortunately, what I ALSO noticed was an EYE MOUSTACHE!!!! The fine hairs by the sides of my eyes also liked Latisse and started becoming more noticeable! It’s nothing disfiguring (yet!) but it’s definitely not my cup of tea (My friend who used Latisse stopped for precisely this reason- note: it did make her lashes longer though.) I wanted to show pictures of this but I couldn’t get a clear enough shot- will keep trying!

Would I buy this product again? Yes if it’s on promotion.

Here’s a detailed comparison of how each brand rocks:

Price: Etude House

Length of lashes: Latisse

Hygiene: Latisse

Convenience: Etude House or Revitalash

Overall, which product would I recommend? Latisse if money is no object and you don’t mind an eye moustache (or threading your face!). Otherwise, Etude House.