This is a really, really simple tutorial- it pretty much consists of stringing beads and tying a knot!

What you need:

1. Elaatic thread

2. Wooden beads

3. 4 metal spacers

4. 3 glass focal beads (the “centrepiece”)

5. Glue & scissors

1. String the yellow beads onto the elastic thread. (I decided yellow beads look nicer on pink so changed from blue to pink elastic  )

2. When you have enough to cover about 3/4 of your wrist, string the metal spacers & glass.focal beads alternately (i.e. keep stringing 1 metal spacer followed by 1 glass bead till you’ve used up these beads. You should end with a metal spacer.)

3. Double knot the elastic. Ensure that the knot is tight so that there are no empty gaps of elastic showing through.

4. Cut the excess thread off and glue the ends. Leave to dry.

If you have time, why not make a couple more in similar but different colours/ patterns? These bracelets look best when worn in a stack! (This tutorial makes the bracelet shown below (centre))