What you need:

– Glue & scissors (& scrap paper to do your glue work on if you want to preserve your work surface!)

– 2 black buttons (try to get them as thin/ light as  you can)

– 2 stud earring backs

– 2 large rhinestones

– long tassel fringe- the length of which should be able to cover the circumference of both buttons

Step 1 (Left): Halve it

Cut the fringe into half.

Step 2: Bling it

With the button facing up, apply some glue around the holes in the centre of the button then press the rhinestone firmly down.

Be careful not to apply too much glue or your button will stick to your scrap paper

Step 3 (Right): Glue it

Once Step 2 has dried, flip the button over. Apply some 401 glue to the top of the button (the part above the button holes) then stick 1 of the fringes on. Repeat for the other side.

Again, don’t put too much glue on or it will drip down the holes onto the rhinestone- depending on the glue you use, that may cloud your rhinestone. Unfortunately 401 is one of those glues! 

Step 4:

Apply more glue onto the fringe, then stick the earring stud on.

Make sure you stick the stud near the top of the button and not the centre, otherwise your rhinestone/ button will droop downwards instead of sitting flat on your ear!

What do you think? My Mom wasn’t a fan of this look. but I quite like it