What you need:

– Pliers

– 2 long eyepins

– 2 silver-coloured earring hooks

– 2 rhinestone charms (I got these off old earrings that I no longer wanted!)

– Small silver beads

I think really small ones make a nice dramatic contrast with the rhinestone charms but make sure the bores (holes) are large enough to thread through the eye pins!

Step 1: Thread them

Thread the silver beads through the eye pin till about 8mm is left then use your pliers to form a hoop at the end. Before you close the hoop, thread the rhinestone charm through it.

You will end up with the picture shown below.

Step 2: Hook it

Use your pliers to open the hook at the other end of the eye pin, thread the earring hook through, then close it.
Step 3: Repeat

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other side.

What do you think of these shoulder dusters? And even though they’re long, they don’t weigh too much as the silver beads used are really small. I have a horror of my earholes becoming slits!!