Another week, another Anthropologie inspired DIY 🙂

What you need

Gold wire- thick and thin

Gold earring hooks

4 pearls or gold/ white beads


Note: if you are a jewelry making beginner, I’d advise using copper or aluminium wire (you can get gold coloured ones) as they are super soft and easy to bend!

Step 1

Cut 2 pieces of wire that are the same length (about 10 cm).

Make a loop at the end of 1 wire, another in the middle of the wire and a third one at the other end. (See the pictures for more details- basically we’re making a bell shape with the wire which has 3 loops)

Step 2

Use the thinner wire and wrap it around 1 end-loop of the wire. Thread on 4 pearls/ beads, then wrap the excess wire around the other end. Make sure you tuck the ends of the wire flat so that they don’t poke you.

Step 3

Repeat for the other side.

And now for the comparison with the original- what do you think?