When I first thought my cousin how to use Instagram, her words were “I can see how  this can be a huge time waster.” (ever practical, my cousin) Given that I spend 80% of my (waking) time on Pinterest & Instagram, I sort of see what she means 😛 (Hey it’s for work!) Anyway, with all that time, I couldn’t help but notice that certain motifs are super in today: monstrera leaves, cactuses, eyes, flamingoes, mermaids, unicorns… and pineapples!! We’ve already covered making a cactus photo stand, an eye paperclip, eye yarn wall art and, today, we’ll be making a pineapple charm, which you can use to make earrings, rings, necklaces or- what I’m doing- a bracelet!

What you need 

To make the charm

Gold leaf charms OR gold leaf sequins

Gold headpins

Green bugle beads

To turn it into a bracelet

Gold Chain

2 Jump Rings

Gold Clasp

Step 1

is to make the leaves. So we thread 1 green bugle bead onto 1 headpin, then form a (closed) loop with the pliers. Make a lot of these- I did about 15.

Step 2

Now take the other headpin, and thread on the gold leaves/ sequins till you’re about 75% of the way up. After that, switch to threading on the green bugles (leaves) till you’re about 0.75 cm from the end of the pin. If you just want to make the charm, you can stop here (after making a closed loop on top of the beads).

If you want to continue on to making a bracelet…

Once there, use the pliers to make a closed loop and link it to the middle of the gold chain. Close tightly.

Step 3

Use the pliers to open the jump ring, then slide on 1 end of the clasp and 1 end of the chain. Do the same with the other ends and the other jump ring.

The bracelet is done! 🙂

Or it looks good as a ring too!