So it’s time for another DIY Bloggers collaboration and today’s theme is Summer Festival. I’ve been really busy with all-things-headdressy due to preparations for my Mermaid Crown workshop at Drink Shop Do, London on 25 July  so I thought why not make a pom pom headdress? I was also really curious as to what my fellow bloggers were making, so I snuck off to have a quick peek at their pages. Their creations are really cute, you should totally check them out too!

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They’re super easy and quick to make. I whipped this one up in a few minutes and you only need:

  1. Wool
  2. Headband
  3. Pom pom maker (A fork also works as a pom pom maker!)
  4. Scissors
  5. Optional: glue

Step 1

Make your pom poms. I’d say a minimum of 5 to look good! (Which is why I’m showing you 4… hmmm) There are so many “How to make a pom pom” links out there I’m not going into detail for this step but if I see a lot of “how did you make that” comments and emails, then I’ll add the details 😛

Step 2

Attach your pom poms- you’ll have 2 long strings after making the pom pom. Use it to tie around the headband tightly then snip off the excess yarn. If you want a more secure hold, dab some glue onto the top of the headband before tying the pom pom on.

Repeat till all the poms are on.

Mix & match the colours as I did! Or add some flowers and other embellishments!

Note: if the knots you tied feel uncomfortable, you can glue on a strip of felt over the knots to up the comfort factor.