I’m all about easy, fuss-free and quick DIYs so here’s another bracelet tutorial that requires no pliers, just glue!

What you need:

– 2 lengths of cord, 1.5 to 2 times the circumference of your wrist

– a pair of bails, with a clasp and ending chain attached

– glue: I used E6000 but keep in mind its longer drying time

Step 1: knot it

Make sure the 2 cords start flush with each other and are placed flat before tying a knot in the middle.  (Make a big loop with the cords then insert the 2 ends through and tighten the knot)

Step 2: snip it

Ensure the knot lies in the middle of your wrist. If the cord is too long, snip off the excess.

Step 3: glue it

Squeeze a generous amount of E6000 into the bail then insert the 2 cords of 1 end in. Hold for a minute then leave to dry. After about an hour, repeat with the other side.