I actually had a totally different idea in mind for this bracelet- i wanted to weave the bead caps to make a really thick bracelet- but unfortunately the cord was too thick! Unfortunately I’d already cut the cord, so I had to think of something else

What you need:

– approximately 18 silver bead caps

– 1 lobster clasp

– 1 chain ending

– cord 2.5 to 3 times the length of your wrist

Step 1: clasp it

Double up the cord so that each side is even in length, thread the clasp through to the middle of the cords then tie a knot to hold the clasp in place.

Step 2: thread it

Thread on the bead caps, alternating them (i.e start with the wide end going on first then, for the second cap, have the narrow end go on first etc)

Step 3: more threading

Do the same for the other cord but make sure you start with the opposite end to the first bead cap on the first cord (i.e. if you placed the cap on wide side firsy initially, it should be narrow side first now)

Step 4: knot it

Once all the bead caps are on- or at least as many as necessary to make the bracelet long enough for your wrist- thread both cords through the clasp ending then knot the ending in place. Cut off the excess cord and, if necessary, glue the ends to keep from fraying.

And you have yourself a sleek bracelet! The conical shapes make it quite modern looking I think