After I started working (boo hoo!), I collected a lot of old namecard holders and now it’s time to give them a makeover

What you need:

– namecard holder

– E6000

– 4 turquoise large round rhinestones

– 2 small pink round rhinestones

– 10 square diamante rhinestones

Step 1: blues

Place all the rhinestones with their flatbacks facing up then apply glue onto the backs of the turquoise ones. Stick them on the centre of the namecard box. If you are not good with freehand, you can use a ruler to mark out the centre before starting.

Step 2: pretty in pink

Now do the same with the pink stones but place them at each end of the blue stones. If you have excess glue squirting out, use a toothpick to remove it.

Step 3: bling bling

Lastly do the same for the diamantes and place them as shown above. Leave for an hour to dry.

Tip: if you have shaky hands, allow each step to dry before moving on.