What you need:

– pair of earring hooks

– 2 spikes

– 4 metal spacers

– 2 disk beads (I chose wooden ones as they are light and juxtapose well with the metal beads)

– 2 headpins

– pliers & cutter pliers

Step 1: Place 1 metal spacer followed by the disk bead and then another metal spacer onto the headpin.

Step 2: Form a hook using the excess wire of the headpin by: bending the excess wire 90 degrees, then bending the edge of the wire round to the other side, forming a small loop.

Step 3: Thread the metal spike onto the hoop formed then tighten the hoop.

Step 4: Open the hoop at the base of the earring hook and thread Step 3 through. Close the hoop.

1 pair of edgy earrings to match the easy-wear tribal bracelets created! I love spiked jewellery!! Vary the colour of the centre bead (purple in the picture below) to put your own spin on this!