Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that you don’t wear? My childhood trauma of never being able to buy shoes back home- I had huge feet that they didn’t stock sizes for (and had to shop overseas)- is making me overcompensate by being a total shoe fiend now. I have an entire cupboard of shoes – and more back in Singapore! So, sadly, yes there are some pairs that I’ve never worn or worn only once 🙁

Today’s DIY is inspired by of those pairs! I bought these on sale but only ever wore them once. In my mind, the yellow would be fresh and inviting. In reality, it made me look like I have fat feet (and thick ankles- which I do) Am I crediting a pair of shoes with too much power?! Let’s see if we can give them a makeover so they stop rotting in the dark cupboard. I wanted to go for the embroidery patches look that is all over Instagram and Pinterest but

  1. embroidery takes toooo much time
  2. nice patches are hard to find and cost too much!

So I tried to see if I could fake the look, and I love what I came up with! 🙂

What you need – 3 things

Stickers- bought these 2 from Hobbycraft

An old pair of shoes

Glue- I used a glue gun instead of the Perfect Deco glue shown below. I’m sure Perfect Deco would have been, well, perfect, but I was running out of it 😛

Step 1

This DIY is so easy, step 1 is optional! If you want, you can quickly stick the stickers on in your desired pattern.

Or just wing it!

Note: if you are using a glue gun, it dries REALLY fast so you won’t have time to dither over what goes where.

Step 2

Apply the glue to the back of the sticker then press it to the desired spot firmly.
If you’re glue gunning it, you need to leave the glue gun on for a while to warm up before it’s ready to go. Also you might want to just glue half the sticker, stick it on then glue the other half (as once the glue dries- which happens real fast- it won’t stick).

Continue gluing till the shoe is how you envision it to be!

What do you think? I think I really like this pair of shoes now!! Instagram outdoor shoot coming soon!