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Recently, I re-discovered my cheese obsession. Not the best choice when trying to lose weight. However, I did read that eating cheese and butter actually HELPS weight loss because they’re so tasty you feel satisfied sooner. Hmmm… Let’s see if that works… Anyway, imagine my surprise when I realised that for £3.49, you not only get a nice hunk of Camembert, you also get a ceramic container!! I LOVE getting all these glass/ ceramic jars with my groceries- they help me save on DIY materials! 🙂 In case you’ve never seen this at Waitrose, this is the cheese that I got:
What can I do with this (small) platter? Well, since I do a lot of jewellery DIYs, I guess it’s no surprise that my mind immediately ran to a jewellery dish. (Although I did just buy 3 when I was in Istanbul, my jewellery is still overflowing everywhere!) To avoid boring you guys with another DIY tutorial that’s just a repetition of what’s already out there, I thought I’d “survey the market” first. 🙂 And whilst I was at it, why not do a round-up of the best jewellery dish DIYs?

Marbling seems to be very on-trend this year, so first up would be the beautiful take on marbled dishes by A Beautiful Mess (photo credit):

Marbled Clay Ring Dish

Love the studded jewellery sitting in those bowls too!

Next up is My Little Secrets (photo credit), a Canadian DIY blog that I just found out about this month. I love to connect with other DIY bloggers and am always on the lookout for new craft blogs so if you have one, get in touch. Leave me a comment with your blog name and I’ll be sure to visit 🙂 I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems that all the DIY blogs I ever come across are the really famous ones (which have a huge following already)- I’ve always been a fan of off-the-beaten-track and would love to get to know of creative living blogs that are just starting up. Like mine! 🙂 We should form a support group on Facebook! 😉

And finally for a new blog (well new to MY blog at least! It’s one of those huge blogs so you probably already know of it.) I almost went for HonestlyWTF again but I gritted my teeth and searched on. After all, it’d get boring if you see HonestlyWTF on ALL my round-ups, don’t you think?

Plus this Sugar & Cloth cat trinket dish was just too cute! Although when I first read the title, I thought it was a dish for cats to put their toys and stuff! Photo credit and full tutorial on:

Watch out for my take on a jewellery dish, coming soon 🙂