What you’re reading on that beauty bottle may not mean what you think it means. In our search for more natural beauty and health care, we often look for over the counter products that make promises of being “safe”, “natural” or “tested”. But what do all of these words really mean in terms of our health? And when you are in a healthy state of body and mind, you’d be able to play เว็บแทงบอลออนไลน์ สมัครแทงบอลUFABETเว็บตรงที่คนเล่นเยอะที่สุดnancygonzalez online more effectively.

You might be surprised to know that many do not mean what you think they do.

“Dermatologist tested”- When you read these words on a product, you probably think this means the product was tested and approved by a skin specialist. However, there are many parameters under which such a test may have fallen and the product makers would still be able to print these words. It could mean that there was a legitimate, controlled trial or it could be that staffers in the office tried the product or anywhere in between. You can never be certain just because the words are on the bottle or box.

“Oil-free”- If the label says oil-free, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is no oil at all in the product. While it’s true that products labeled “oil free” do not contain certain ingredients such as mineral oil or plant oils. However, it could still clog your pores or make your skin greasy because it might still have oil-like products. Types of waxes, vegetable oils and even silicones could still be in the oil-free products.

“Hypoallergenic-free” – If it’s listed as hypoallergenic free, you probably think that it won’t cause allergic reactions like other products might. I as well as my children have a variety of allergies so this is the type of thing I really take interest in. However, just because it says hypoallergenic on the packaging does not mean it is guaranteed to not cause a reaction or even that it is less likely than other products. Cosmetic companies are not required to prove their claims of hypoallergenic-free so your best course of action is just to buy products from known, trusted sources.

“Fragrance-free”- When you read fragrance free, you probably think that means it is unscented. But what it actually means is that no scents were added. It will reduce the chances that a person with sensitivities will have a reaction to the product but there is still a likely chance there will be an odor or aroma from the product, even when it’s labeled fragrance-free.

Now that you can see that labels don’t always mean what you think they mean, it can help you to choose the best products for you and your needs. If you want to have natural beauty and healthcare, always opt for natural do-it-yourself beauty products when given the chance. Then you know for sure what’s in it!