Before a friend gifted me with this lippie, I didn’t even realise that Victoria Secrets did make-up! And it’s no wonder if this lip balm is representative of the general quality of their make-up products. Basically, it sucks!

OK before I bash it up, let’s go over what I like about it:

– the product is pretty cute (look at the heart at the top!)

– and, erm, it was a gift?!

Yup that’s about all I liked! Well, to be fair, the colour was not bad- it gave the lips a metallic tint, more like a lipstick than a lip balm- but then it wasn’t really moisturising so I’m not sure I give credence to the lip balm claim

I know, I know, I should have shown you what it looks like on my lips- but it smelt SOOOOO bad that I honestly didn’t dare! (I applied it on my lips the 1st time I used it and the smell almost made me gag, so I wiped it off straightaway!) I’m guessing the  oil in it went bad or something, which is seriously disturbing considering my friend just got it for me! (I received it 2 weeks before I first tried it). Not to mention I have kept expired make-up before and even my lip balms that were 4-5 years old (so 1-2 years after expiry) didn’t smell this way!

Guess my instincts about Victoria’s Secrets were right then!