Because I can’t get out of 90% of tube stations in London, commuting is an even longer and more painful journey than normal. A lot of my time goes into thinking about tube stations and how I can get to Y from a District/ Circle/ Overground tube station. Yay me. Which is why I’ve decided to start this “London tube map for X” series- hopefully it’ll be interesting to someone else besides myself!

Kings Cross: Drink, Shop, Do

Been there twice- once for a paid event & once for a bloggers event by Joe Bloggs. The first time was bad- ironically- as they wouldn’t allow me in till the exact time of the class (I wasn’t asking to enter the classroom, just to have a drink at the cafe which, of course, I would pay for so… go figure?!) The second time was much better- maybe because I made sure to arrive late this time

Covent Garden: 2 bead shops

People are always asking me where I get my supplies in London. Well, Covent Garden is a great spot as they have 2 beads shops within walking distance: Beadworks at Tower Street and Creative Beadcraft at Smiths Court- which is actually nearer Piccadilly Circus, now that I think about it! (I can’t get out of Piccadilly so I always associate it with Covent!) Of the 2, Creative Beadcraft is my preferred & the more affordable but Beadworks does have a good range of silver and semi-precious in its basement. I’d probably order from an online store though as their prices are sky high!

Camden Town: Tea & Crafting

Started in 2009, Tea & Crafting is 1 of those places I’ve always wanted to visit but never done so- because Camden is just too painful for me to get to- I think I need to walk from Kings Cross… (or bus) They do, however, have a whole range of really interesting looking workshops, almost every night of the week. I like how they’re focused only on crafts as opposed to Drink, Shop, Do which also runs other type of classes (dance etc). When I do eventually get to Tea & Crafting, I’ll be sure to review my experience

Marble Arch: Homemade London

Always wanted to visit this shop but the class schedule is extremely erratic- I remember 1 time I visited, they only had 1 class lined up for the next few months! They seem to be back in the game as there are 4 different sessions in the timetable today but if you prefer something with more regular events, visit Drink, Shop, Do instead.

Bond Street: VV Rouleaux

They’re not cheap but they have the largest selection of fabric and trimmings I’ve seen in central London so definitely worth checking out for that special project!

Hardware stores: everywhere!

You can make really cool jewellery using hardware components. Here’s something I made using hinges- more examples can be found here and here are another 3 tutorials on using hex nuts

Do you have any shops that you think we should add to this list? Next year, I’ll be launching a retail platform just for independent makers & designers so that’s definitely going on here If you’re an independent maker or designer interested in selling in London, do email me at whereverhapiness (at) gmail (dot) com