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7 Best Free People DIYs

Wild Amor’s $2 interpretation of Free People’s $28 denim choker Chic Steals: Quartz bracelet Bolo necklace DIY Free People inspired turban (!) by Gina Michele🙂

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Eating around the world in London

When I used to visit London as a child, food here was dismal. In fact, I gained 5 kg in the first year of University

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Anthro hoop earrings DIY

Anthro inspired DIYs are a bit of a theme of my blog- can’t help it, Anthropologie is the store I wish I’d started!- so here’s

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Tips For Planning Catering Services For Weddings

Planning a wedding can be a fun part of planning an event but can also be filled with stress if you haven’t done your homework

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How to Make Yardwork a Fun Activity

Work in the yard can become repetitive. Eventually, you might start to feel a lack of motivation, only because the very same activities are being